Finale Business Solutions was founded in 1999. We are businesspeople and certified technologists with over 100 years of combined experience. We have built and managed a wide variety of projects from multi-million dollar enterprise solutions to custom applications for small and medium-sized businesses. We have deployed inter- and intra-networks that span the U.S. to local area networks for single site locations. Our technology solutions are in use today by thousands of consumers and businesses.

We are a full-service consulting company, located in the SF Bay Area, offering business process automation and software development services. We have diverse technical backgrounds and vast experience with companies needing advanced application development and consulting expertise. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of multi-tier application models, software development methodologies, product marketing and technology strategies. Many of our projects have been completed in very short time frames to meet hard deadlines and we have customer references to prove it!

With a focus on business process development and automation, we work with our customers to design and implement products that compliment existing off-the-shelf technology as well as custom built solutions. Our experience allows us to offer not only technology solutions but also real world examples of how other businesses have solved similar complex business issues.

Keith Waldorf

- Managing Partner -

Mr. Waldorf has a broad background with over 19 years of technical and business experience in application development, professional services, data networking and security. Since 1997, Mr. Waldorf has participated in raising more than 30 million dollars in venture funding and the launches of several commercial products. During this time he has been owner operator and involved in senior management, including the roles of President, Chief Technology Officer, and lead systems designer.

Most recently Mr. Waldorf and Finale Business Solutions have turned their focus to business process management and application design for healthcare and manufacturing-related companies. Catering to small and medium-sized enterprises, they have developed custom deployments for in-house pharmaceutical dispensing and regulatory controls, web application plug-ins, business process and inventory management. The team also has extensive expertise in small business tools and HIPPA compliance.

Prior to his startup experience, he was employed by Cisco Systems, developing internetworking software for Catalyst switches where he was awarded patents for his work. While at MCI, he participated in the design and implementation of large network infrastructure systems, including the California, Georgia and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Smog Check systems, Campus MCI Internet and the design of enterprise-wide database transaction systems.

In the mid 1990's, Mr. Waldorf worked as a security and internetworking consultant in the Bay Area for companies like Bank of America, Kraft Foods, General Electric, Honeywell and Sun Microsystems. Prior to going out as a private consultant, he began his career building large data centers and providing network engineering management for PG&E's private telephone and data networks.

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Aaron Ludtke

- Consultant / Business Process Engineer -

Aaron Ludtke has been in the PC and consumer electronics industries for over 16 years. He started his career at Apple Computer, where he developed software for several generations of Macintosh computers and versions of the Mac OS, working at all levels from the lowest-level boot code, through OS middleware services, to user-level applications.

He then went to Sony Electronics where he was responsible for the architectural specifications of several families of consumer products using the i.Link (a.k.a. FireWire) interface. In this capacity, he was the technical leader of the 1394 Trade Association AV Working Group, leading the effort to develop and release several specifications for digital home networking technologies. During this time he managed the efforts and organized the contributions of individuals from several companies in the consumer electronics industry, representing Europe, Asia and North America.

While at Sony, he was the originator, technical leader and project manager for a research project involving secure mobile devices and associated services & business models. In addition to managing the development of mobile device prototypes, he managed the architectural specification and development of Enterprise systems to deliver services via these devices.

Mr. Ludtke has extensive experience in business process workflow modeling, requirements engineering and software architecture & modeling for Enterprise, desktop and embedded environments. He holds a Master's Degree in Software Engineering from San Jose State University.

Mr. Ludtke currently holds 27 issued patents spanning several technology domains, with several dozen more pending.

He is also the co-founder and co-chair of the Software Architecture and Modeling Special Interest Group (SAM-SIG) of the Software Development Forum in San Jose.

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Bryant Marks

- Consultant / Software Engineer -

Mr. Marks has been an application developer for 16 years for such companies as Hewlett Packard, NASA Ames, Endeavor Information Systems, and Axil Workstations. Mr. Marks is a specialist in application development using JAVA, SWING, and JDBC/SQL. His development skills include both front-end GUI design as well as back-end database design.

Mr. Marks is a graduate of Yale University and Stanford University with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Over the past 16 years, Mr. Marks has taught numerous classes in C Programming, UNIX script programming, Electronics, and Public Speaking.

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Peter Schmidt

- Consultant / Software Engineer -

Mr. Schmidt's technical career began in 1996 developing applications for The New England where he was responsible for building in-house sales and marketing tools. Mr. Schmidt also volunteered his time to the Knowledge Center in Boston, MA where he acted as the technology director.

Mr. Schmidt then decided to move to the West coast where he became the Professional Services technical manager for CommerceOne. During this time, Mr. Schmidt led a 20-member international team of software and systems engineers to design and build the Siemens E-Business Exchange. Mr. Schmidt was also assigned as technical lead for the CommerceOne / General Motors North America B2B procurement initiative.

Mr. Schmidt holds a B.A. in History/Economics with a minor in mathematics from the University of Massachusetts. He is also certified and proficient in C++, VB, SQL, FoxPro and various other development languages.

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