A large pharmaceutical sales and marketing company needed a custom application developed to aid their client base in dispensing medications from an in-house pharmacy. Their customer base were much more sophisticated than that of a typical doctors office but they were looking for a low maintenance, easy to deploy and support solution.

The client had six primary Business Goals:

  1. Create an application that automated all the regulatory tasks of dispensing medications
  2. Simplicity in design and use was a must
  3. Allow full management of the dispensing, ordering and inventory management
  4. Integrate the desktop at the doctor's clinic with the application to allow for the printing of custom labels and information leaflets
  5. Automate the payment processing side of the application to allow the doctors office to use credit card, check and cash transactions
  6. Include the ability to print locally from generic label printers and include the use of barcode and magnetic stripe readers


Finale Business Solutions, having successfully built on-line web based applications in the past, used their experience to define an application framework that would allow the client to integrate their business process into the customer facing tasks.

We worked closely with the client to document their business process and identify areas where automating specific tasks could save manual steps at the clinic and in backend operations.

Already having an understanding of dispensing medications, we were able to offer suggestions on features and functionality that would ease development cost and time to market for future requirements.

The final solution was an on-line web browser based application with custom built securely signed ActiveX controls for desktop integration. We also used several USB human interface devices for automating and simplifying the tasks of dispensing medications.

The application allows the medical clinic to fully operate and manage their dispense records, patient records and regulatory logs while allowing our client full visibility into ordering patterns and usage.


The project was delivered in 4 months with an additional 4 months of development to extend the feature set even deeper into the clinics daily operations. The use of standard Internet technologies along with custom built ActiveX controls gives the web based product a desktop application feel.

Finale Business Solutions has stayed active with the client to provide 3rd tier customer support and develop additional features.

Technical Environment:

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft ASP / .Net
ActiveX and Driver development
Custom signed ActiveX controls
Integration with USB devices
Crystal Enterprise 10 Reports
Desktop printing integration

Inventory Management

Inventory Management integration with external website


Custom application development modeled after detailed workflow process and DEA regulatory procedures


Custom shopping cart prototype and demo application for electronic wallet proof of concept


Drivers to a prototype USB device and website for a large entertainment company

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