We offer a wide range of services customized to meet your specific technology needs. We specialize in on-site consulting services with an emphasis on solutions tailored to your business process and workflow.

All projects include a detailed scope of work and project plan with timelines that both parties agree to before any work is performed. This protects both parties from surprises at the conclusion of the project. Should the scope of the project change before it is complete, then we have mechanisms in place to allow for changes and modifications to the plan.

Using Finale Business Solutions allows your company to contract with a proven firm that has a solid track record. We also have the ability to scale to meet the needs of the project. When you're facing a time-consuming technology problem, we understand the importance of getting things up and running quickly. Finale Business Solutions consultants can make prompt, friendly onsite support visits in order to resolve issues and provide easy-to-understand answers to your technical questions.

Our experience allows us to offer a wide range of complementary services:

  • Application Development and Support: including Windows- and Unix-based solutions

    • Project-based: team is supplied at an all-inclusive rate on a fixed statement of work

    • Time- and Material-based: team is supplied at individual rates for a specified duration

    • Co-sourced: we work on-site with your team to provide subject matter experts to help resolve complex technical issues or document business processes

  • Offshore Application Development: significant savings may be achieved for well-documented, long-term projects using local USA-based resources for project and change management and offshore resources for development.
  • Business System Support: Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Small Business Financials, MAS 90, Siebel, Great Plains, Sales Force, MS Access, MS Exchange

  • Project / Change Management: Certified PMP and CMP professionals available for project and change management, documentation and operation analysis.

  • 3rd Party Application Integration: when you can't find the right off-the-shelf tools to integrate with your existing technology, we can assist you in building a bridge to integrate your processes and reduce double entry, wasted time and resources

  • IT life cycle analysis: including legacy support and application replacement

  • IT security analysis: focusing specifically on Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, and industry-specific compliance issues

  • Network Engineering: offering expert design, installation, and support of LAN and WAN networking technologies.

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